The Penguin Drawings: Where it all started
8-Bit Penguin: This penguin traveled in time from 1985 to join his present-day friends.
Alpine Penguin: He's playing an alphorn and wearing liederhosen.
Angel Penguin: Little known fact: All Dogs go to Heaven was initially going to be about penguins.
Army Penguin: One of my early creations, so the detail isn't that great. Anybody want to list all the errors in his uniform?
Artist Penguin: All great artists wear their dad's old dress shirts backwards as a smock.
Astronaut Penguin: Although I am well aware of fair use laws, I try to never use copyrighted images just to be on the safe side. So that's definitely not the NASA logo. Nope, just a blue circle.
Bagpiper Penguin: Little known fact: penguins often play the bagpipes as a way to scare away attacking leopard seals.
Ballerina Penguin: I've heard criticism that this and Witch Penguin are my only female penguins, but is there any reason most of the other penguins have to be males?
Baseball Penguin: Yes, the team name is 'Penguins.' There is also a framed, hand-drawn version of this in my parents' dining room.
Bass Penguin: Requested by Ryan Ford many years ago. Drawing the bass was very difficult, but I got my revenge with the little bit of drool coming out the beak.
Bassoon Penguin: Getting quite frazzled after going through so many reeds.
BBQ Penguin: Feel free to pretend those are veggie burgers if you prefer (although they're probably not).
Beach Penguin: Prepared for the effects of global warming.
Beekeeper Penguin: He tolerates the silly outfit because he just loves honey that much.
Birthday Penguin: What kind of presents to penguins give each other?
Bobsled Penguins: This is how I learned that Antarctica looks a little bit like a rhinoceros.
Box Penguin: It's a penguin in a box. What more is there to say?
Bride and Groom Penguins: Featuring the rarely seen left-facing penguin!
Business Penguin: Amazing how professional this penguin looks, even without pants.
Cave Penguin: I'm not sure why, but he is very happy to be a cave penguin.
Chef Penguin: I believe this was a turning point in my penguin creation, where my attention to detail increased.
Clown Penguin: Penguin hair is tough. This is an early creation before I knew better.
Construction Penguin: This is the first penguin ever made specifically to fill a role in the comic strip.
Dad Penguin: This was a Christmas present for my dad.
Devil Penguin: I should have given this penguin an accordion. (points to you if you get that reference without any Googling.)
Doctor Penguin: The face mask was actually the toughest part of this.
Dracula Penguin: Dracula is often portrayed as being able to turn into a bat. Would that make this a very rare flying penguin?
Dutch Milkmaid Penguin: My mom wanted a Dutch Penguin, and the classic Dutch Milkmaid is the Dutchest thing I know. My grandparents had a figurine that looked liked this in their living room (but not a penguin).
Emperor Penguin: Get it?
Evil Penguin: Previously a blooper reel penguin, Evil Penguin was voted into the official ranks of Sam's Penguins by the fans.
Farmer Penguin: This is one of my favorite earlier works. I've always thought it came out really well.
Firefighter Penguin: Not that many fires break out in Antarctica (I assume), but when they do, the penguins are ready!
Football Penguin: I don't love this penguin. It's one of the early creations.
Frankenstein's Penguin: Dr. Frankestein's second creation didn't terrify the townspeople quite as much as the original.
French Stereotype Penguin: Not a mockery of the French people, but of the stereotype. Although I hear from a reliable source that this shirt is common in France.
Ghost Penguin: I'm assuming that whatever made his feet disappear is the same thing that made him a ghost.
Graduation Penguin: I made this in honor of graduating students at Hartt, but I can't remember if it was for my class (2004) or the previous one.
Headless Horsepenguin: Headless Horsepenguin. Drawn for a Halloween concert that was pushed back due to a freak October snowstorm.
Hippie Penguin: Although it's hard to find a tree to hug in Antarctica, he's doing what he can to promote social change.
Hipster Penguin: I had a lot of inspiration when I lived on Lark Street in Albany.
Injured Penguin: This is an autobiographical penguin, as I was on crutches for a very sprained ankle when I made it.
Invisible Penguin: It was tempting to draw this one without clothes. It would have been so much easier.
Jockey Penguin: In case you're wondering, penguin jockeys ride ostriches, not horses.
Jogger Penguin: I don't love the shirt on this one. Doesn't sit quite right.
Judge Penguin: The penguin judicial system doesn't involve juries, so Judge Penguin is surprisingly powerful.
Karate Penguin: Yes, I did look at pictures of the Karate Kid when looking for inspiration for this penguin.
King Penguin: Another delightful pun.
Knight Penguin: The helmet was very difficult to pull off. Note that the part covering the beak (experts: what is that called?) can't actually be lifted up.
Liberty Penguin: The statue of liberty would have been so much cooler if they had used my design.
Lumberjack Penguin: He's okay. He sleep all night and he works all day.
Mail Penguin: I could never quite figure out how to perfect the mail bag. Still looks too much like a purse.
Maintenance Penguin: This is the most autobiographical penguin here. Every piece of it is based on my time working maintenance at a town park.
Marching Penguin: One of these days, I should make a whole marching band.
Matador Penguin: I don't condone bullfighting, but I couldn't resist drawing the excellent costume.
Mom Penguin: This was a Christmas present for my mom.
Monk Penguin: He lives in San Francisco and helps solve murder mysteries... oh wait, am I confused?
Mummy Penguin: It's the loose pieces of bandage that make this work.
Nerd Penguin: I'll let you decide whether or not this one is autobiographical.
Ninja Penguin: After a five year break, this was the first penguin I made for the new Facebook page.
Noir Penguin: He spends his time in the dark, seedy underbelly of Antarctica.
Old Penguin: The first new penguin of 2014... and the first new one in over a year. A true artist waits patiently for inspiration to strike.
Parent Penguin: While it is difficult to carry a diaper bag without shoulders, Parent Penguin is willing to do it for the baby.
Park Ranger Penguin: The first penguin created with the new unpixelated penguin template.
Pharaoh Penguin: He's jealous that he doesn't get a pun like the other 'ruler' penguins.
Pilot Penguin: Unlike Dracula Penguin, this penguin doesn't need to turn into a bat to fly.
Pirate Penguin: One of the earliest penguins, but always a favorite.
Pirate Penguin 2.0: I never loved the hat on the original Pirate Penguin, so here's a different style.
Prison Penguin: He was arrested for destroying parking meters.
Punk Penguin: This was actually the very first official Sam's Penguin. I hadn't quite perfected the template penguin yet, so it looks a bit different from the rest.
Reaper Penguin: He enjoys a nice game of Battleship now and then.
Ringmaster Penguin: Although he might be Clown Penguin's boss in the ring, they are close friends outside of work.
Robin Hood Penguin: A very early creation, as made obvious by the lack of detail.
Roman Penguin: I really need to figure out a more accurate name for this penguin.
Safari Penguin: He went to visit his South African Blackfooted Penguin friends and decided to keep traveling north from there.
Scientist Penguin: I really like this one. One of the rare times when I got hair to work.
Scuba Penguin: I'm not sure he understands the whole concept of being a penguin.
Snowball Penguin: Sometimes the requests I get are rather odd. This is one of those times.
Snowtoberfestageddon Penguin: A little levity for all of us in New England who experienced a surprise snow storm at the end of October in 2011.
Soccer Penguin: If you're outside the US, I guess this should be the Football Penguin.
Student Penguin: Don't all students wear backwards baseball caps?
Superhero Penguin: His power of flight makes all other penguins jealous.
Tennis Penguin: Does that look more like a badminton racquet to anybody else?
Toy Penguin: Another instance of an odd request.
Tuxedo Penguin: He took the usual tuxedo jokes far too seriously.
Ventriloquist Penguin: He can even make the dummy talk while drinking water, but he wasn't thirsty during this photo session.
Walking Penguin: Drawn in honor of Jessi Rosinski when she did the 3-Day for the Cure walk (60 miles). The big question is if she wore the fanny pack.
Witch Penguin: I'm not sure if it is possible for a wart to grow on a beak (probably not), but there you have it.
Wizard Penguin: I think this was one of the first penguins to have a shirt.
X-Ray Penguin: This is exactly what a penguin would look like when x-rayed. Very accurate.
Zombie Penguin: Not for the faint of heart. If you see one, either grab a shovel or run. If you don't know what to do with the shovel, just run.